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FALL MEETING NOTICE - November 15, 2016

 BALLY’S Park Place and the Boardwalk

1900 Pacific Ave., Atlantic City, N.J. 08401

Morning Agenda: - BALLY’S Park Place and the Boardwalk

8:00 AM         Registration & Breakfast - Traymore BC - Bally’s Park Place

 9:00 AM         Association Business Meeting - Traymore A - Bally’s Park Place

                              Cynthia Sorey-Moore, CMR, President of Registrar’s Association of NJ 

                                    Election:  Slate of Officers for 2017-2019 

Original Adoption Records:  Putting Law into Action - 

Course number: BUSMEET ADOPT    Course Credit: .50

Presenter: Bonnie Brookes, CMR/CMR, Shrewsbury Boro & Shrewsbury Twp

Description: A brief history of New Jersey’s Birthright Law which permits adoptees in       the state to obtain a copy of their original birth record starting in January 2017 will be presented.  We will review of the lengthy forms for birth parent’s preferences and      medical history in addition to the adoptee’s original record request forms.  The         procedures for this process will also be discussed as well as the implications for the Local                  Registrar. 

10:15 AM  Vital Statistics Data: -

Course number: VS DATA 01                Course Credit:  1.00

Presenter: Robyn D’Oria, MA, RNC, APN, Executive Director Central Jersey Family Health Consortium

Description: The course discuss the type of data the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium collects from vital records and why.  It will review why the data they collect is meaningful and how it is used in everyday life.

11:30 AM    Amendments -

Course number: AMENDMENT 01       Course Credit1.00   

Presenter: Aparna Shah, NJ Office of Vital Statistics & Registry

Description:  A review of some common amendment scenarios and questions concerning amendments.

12:30 PM        Lunch - Traymore BC - Bally’s Park Place



Please be aware to earn CEUs for the classes held in the Convention Center, in the afternoon, you MUST have the NJ League Conference Badge which you can attain by registering for the League Conference with your municipality, via the internet, or in person the day of.


Afternoon Agenda:       Convention Center - Convention Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

1:45 PM          Certified Copy Issuance                                                                      ROOM 201/202

                               Course number: CERTIFIED 02             Course Credit: 1.00

                               Presenter: Damon Koslow, Outreach Manager, NJ Office of Vital Statistics & Registry

Description:  A discussion on various eligibility and proof of relationship scenarios.         

3:00PM           Fraud                                                                                                   ROOM 403

                               Course number: FRAUD 01               Course Credit: 1.00

                                    Presenter: Keith S. Balla, CPA, PSA, ABV, CFF, CGMA, FCPA, Partner at PKF                                                 O'Connor Davies, LLP

Description: The course will teach how to reduce fraud in your daily operations, reviews the types of victims that are often targeted, and discuss the industry of victim organization. 


No refunds will be made after this date.  No shows after you have registered will be required to pay.

QUESTIONS:  Contact President Cynthia Sorey-Moore at



Make checks payable to: New Jersey Registrars’ Association 

Mail your checks to: 

New Jersey Registrars’ Association 

C/O Adrianne Parent 

City of Gloucester City 

512 Monmouth Street 

Gloucester City, NJ 08030 


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